Its Lord Teds Ripping Good Quiz

There is a monthly prize and two seasonal tournament large prizes yearly

Lord Ted'sQuiz Leaderboard

Puggles 13 pts
The Drinking team has a Trivia Problem 8 pts
Macc Attack 5 pts
Yummy Mummys 3 pts
Lightly but Firmly 3 pts
Ro&Co 0 pts
The Trevors 0 pts
Gawsworth Gals 0 pts
Hyphen - Hyphen 0 pts
The big mike string orchestra 0 pts
Bright but Dim! 0 pts
Fleet Elite 0 pts
Sofa Surfers 0 pts
Bulls head away team 0 pts
Demigorgon 0 pts
The (In)famous Five 0 pts
Are we nearly there yet 0 pts

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